2012 Volvo XC60 T6

2012 Volvo XC60

$33-44k mid-size SUV, designed & built in Sweden 17-18 city / 22-25 hwy 314-462 mile range, gas engine
240 to 300 hp 183 to 195 cu. in. 6-cylinder turbo 4 stars ABS, child door locks

Meet the Family

We're showing the T6, the most popular version of the XC60. The lineup also includes:


The XC60 T6 vs other Recent mid-size SUVs

Ground clearance Great ground clearance for rough terrain Help
0-60 mph Fast 0-60 time Help
7.4 seconds
Front driver crash test Safer for the driver in head-on collisions Help
5 stars
Power-to-weight ratio Sporty performance Help
14.1 lb/hp
basic warranty miles Long basic warranty Help
50,000 mile
moon roof Moon roof Help
passenger power seats Passenger power seats Help
roof rails Roof rails Help
Lateral acceleration Good cornering ability Help
0.81 g
Transmission Has a semi-automatic transmission Help
premium radio Premium radio Help
Horsepower Slightly more powerful Help
300 HP @ 5,600 RPM
Air compressor Turbocharged engine improves performance Help
Front passenger crash test Safer for the front passenger in head-on collisions Help
5 stars
Rollover resistance Less chance of rolling over during emergency lane change Help
4 stars
leather Leather Help
navigation system Navigation system Help
power seats Power seats Help
1/4 mile Zippy 1/4 mile time Help
15.8 s s @ 92.0 mph mph
Number of gears More gears Help
entertainment system Entertainment system Help


The XC60 T6 vs other Recent mid-size SUVs

Highway gas mileage Poor highway fuel efficiency Help
22 mpg
Highway driving range Poor range on the highway Help
407 miles
front seats Very cramped front seats Help
51.4 ft3
City driving range Poor range in the city Help
314 miles
Passengers Below average number of seats Help
CD changer CD changer Help
Not Available

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