2012 Ford Fusion Sport

2012 Ford Fusion Sport

$27-29k car, designed in U.S.A., built in Mexico 17-18 city / 24-27 hwy 280-472 mile range, gas engine
263 hp 213 cu. in. V6 4 stars ABS, child door locks

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The Fusion Sport vs other Recent cars

Driver side crash test Safer for the driver in side collisions Help
5 stars
Rollover resistance Less chance of rolling over during emergency lane change Help
5 stars
child door locks Child door locks Help
folding rear seats Folding rear seats Help
navigation system Navigation system Help
power seats Power seats Help
Drivetrain type Better drivetrain traction Help
all-wheel drive
back seats Spacious back seats Help
45.9 ft3
entertainment system Entertainment system Help
leather Leather Help
passenger power seats Passenger power seats Help
Transmission Has a semi-automatic transmission Help


The Fusion Sport vs other Recent cars

Highway gas mileage Poor highway fuel efficiency Help
24 mpg
Air compressor Naturally-aspirated engine Help
Front driver crash test Less safe for the driver in head-on collisions Help
4 stars
Highway driving range Poor range on the highway Help
396 miles
Top speed Below average top speed Help
115 mph
basic warranty years Shorter-lasting basic warranty Help
3 year
CD changer CD changer Help
Not Available
In-city gas mileage Poor city fuel efficiency Help
17 mpg
City driving range Poor range in the city Help
280 miles
Front passenger crash test Less safe for the front passenger in head-on collisions Help
3 stars
Rear passenger crash test Less safe for passengers in the rear in side collisions Help
3 stars
basic warranty miles Shorter basic warranty Help
36,000 mile
moon roof Moon roof Help
Not Available

Other Trims

This model comes with all-wheel drive, but the Fusion Sport is also available with front-wheel drive.

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SparkyPhantom (3:58 AM, April 11, 2012)
You don't know what you are talking about. The 2012 Ford Fusion Sport is a great car. Nothing wrong with it. I think you need to look at the car again and stop being a fucking pussy.
Jodresser (1:15 AM, February 24, 2012)
2012 Fusion Sport FWD. VERY poor mileage. Readout says 24 mpg, actual calculation is 21 mpg all highway, with cruise on at speed limit (65). BLIS does not work in rain or snow, SYNC phone goes between mediocre and unusable. Front lower control arms replaced becaus they were wrong. Dealer is not concerned about any of these. $32K for a vehicle with option I paid for that I can't use. My father has a 2011 Fusion SE that is fabulous. Do NOT buy this car!