2012 Honda Civic HF

2012 Honda Civic HF

$20k car, designed in Japan 29 city / 41 hwy 382-541 mile range, gas engine
140 hp 109 cu. in. 4-cylinder

What are people saying about the Civic

"The 2011 Honda Civic is a perfectly enjoyable way to travel."
kbb.com | talking about the vehicle's ride quality
"The Civic's two-tier execution seems to make all the sense in the world."
kbb.com | talking about the vehicle's controls
"The ride is smooth and quiet."
kbb.com | talking about the vehicle's noise


The Civic HF vs other Recent cars

Highway gas mileage Fantastic highway fuel efficiency Help
41 mpg
City driving range Good range in the city Help
383 miles
MSRP Very inexpensive Help
In-city gas mileage Good city fuel efficiency Help
29 mpg
Highway driving range Good range on the highway Help
541 miles
child door locks Child door locks Help


The Civic HF vs other Recent cars

0-60 mph Sluggish 0-60 time Help
8.9 seconds
Air compressor Naturally-aspirated engine Help
Horsepower Somewhat underpowered Help
140 HP @ 6,500 RPM
Power-to-weight ratio Less sporty performance Help
19.3 lb/hp
basic warranty miles Shorter basic warranty Help
36,000 mile
entertainment system Entertainment system Help
Not Available
leather Leather Help
Not Available
navigation system Navigation system Help
Not Available
power seats Power seats Help
Not Available
premium radio Premium radio Help
Not Available
1/4 mile Pokey 1/4 mile time Help
16.8 s s @ 82.1 mph mph
Drivetrain type Worse drivetrain traction Help
front-wheel drive
Lateral acceleration Mediocre cornering ability Help
0.81 g
Rear brakes Worse brakes Help
basic warranty years Shorter-lasting basic warranty Help
3 year
folding rear seats Folding rear seats Help
Not Available
moon roof Moon roof Help
Not Available
passenger power seats Passenger power seats Help
Not Available
CD changer CD changer Help
Not Available

Other Trims

This model comes , but the Civic HF is also available with partial-zero emissions.

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