2010 BMW 135i

2010 BMW 135i

$36k sports car, designed & built in Germany 18 city / 25 hwy 252-350 mile range, gas engine
300 hp 183 cu. in. 6-cylinder twin-turbo 13.8 s s @ 104.0 mph mph 0-60 in 5.2 seconds, maximum lateral acceleration 0.98 g

What are people saying about the 1 Series

"A well-planted ride...Its demeanor communicates with the road beneath, transmitting each imperfection slightly to the driver's hands and backside."
motortrend.com | talking about the vehicle's ride quality
"Engineers left its high-pitched voice all alone. It is not addicting and doesn't drone, yet it is healthy and stimulating."
motortrend.com | talking about the vehicle's noise
"Turn is sublime and weighty"
motortrend.com | talking about the vehicle's handling


The 135i vs other Recent sports cars

Air compressor Turbocharged engine improves performance Help
Lateral acceleration Good cornering ability Help
0.98 g
MSRP Very inexpensive Help
moon roof Moon roof Help
Has rear spoiler Has rear spoiler Help
Number of speakers More speakers Help
basic warranty years Long-lasting basic warranty Help
4 year
Braking distance at 60mph Good braking distance from 60mph Help
105 ft
Base payload capacity Bigger towing weight Help
882 lb
folding rear seats Folding rear seats Help
Airbags More airbags Help
Number of rows of seating Has 2 rows of seats Help
basic warranty miles Long basic warranty Help
50,000 mile


The 135i vs other Recent sports cars

City driving range Poor range in the city Help
252 miles
front seats Cramped front seats Help
49.0 ft3
Has speed sensitive volume Lacks speed-sensitive volume Help
Cupholders Few cupholders Help
child door locks Child door locks Help
Not Available
power outlets Power outlets Help
Not Available
Highway driving range Poor range on the highway Help
350 miles
CD changer CD changer Help
Not Available
Has subwoofer Lacks a subwoofer Help
Transmission Has a manual transmission Help
entertainment system Entertainment system Help
Not Available

Other Trims

This model comes in a coupe, but the 135i is also available in a convertible.

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